Robert Downey Jr. Sings With Sting and ABSOLUTELY Kills It!

2 weeks ago

I didn’t even know Robert Downey Jr. could sing at all…that is, until I heard this…

Family Finds Dead Shark On The Beach…And Helps It Give Birth To 3 Babies…AMAZING!

1 month ago

OMG…this might be one of the craziest (and MOST AMAZING) things you have ever seen. This family found a dead shark washed up on a Georgia beach.  They saw its belly was moving so they decided to see what was inside.  What happened next makes these people TRUE HEROS!

This Uncut Interview With Jimmy Fallon And Bradley Cooper Will Make Your Heart Happy

3 months ago

I wish so badly I could be friends with either of these two guys.  This is so great and made my day!

You’ve Heard Of The Game “Patty Cake,” Right? Well, You’ve Never Seen It Like This. WOW!

4 months ago

These are four of the most talented individuals I have ever seen.  How else would you describe someone who can take something as simple and mundane as the hand-clap game “Patty Cake” and turn it into something as amazing as this. Oh yeah, they did it all in one

No Need To Wait For The Announcement…We’ve Got Apple’s New iPhone 6 Right Here

4 months ago

Sure, there’s only one more day before Apple’s CEO gets up on stage to show off the new iPhone 6, but everyone knows waiting just isn’t any fun. That’s why we sleuthed out what looks to be a very legitimate and comprehensive video leak of Apples newest iPhone. Check

Tired Of Dingy, Dirty, Grimy Headlights? You’ve Got To Try This!

4 months ago

This is SO COOL yet SO very simple.  Use toothpaste to clean your headlights. You can bet I’m trying this one today.  How about you? Don’t forget to share with your friends and family who could use this one! According to our sources, Arm & Hammer toothpaste works best.  The

This Mother Elephant Just Wants To Take A Nap But Her Baby Has Other Ideas. A MUST WATCH!

4 months ago

Any parents out there know what this is like? Mom wants a nap but her baby just won’t have it! Pass it on to other parents and help spread the smiles!

You Won’t Believe What Happens When You Dip A McDonald’s Cheeseburger In Stomach Acid…WOW!

4 months ago

These scientists show exactly what happens when you eat McDonald’s food!  ABSOLUTELY INSANE…

A 96-Year Old Man Entered A YouTube Contest With A Love Song For His Deceased Wife. The Result Had Everyone In Tears.

6 months ago

96 year-old Fred was married to the same woman for over 75 years.  When you’re married to someone for that long, and the love of your life passes away, you hold the memories dear. Fred definitely held those memories close. That’s why, when Fred heard of a music studio

This Adorable Squirrel Discovers A Dream Come True…And The Hilarity Is Filmed For All To See.

6 months ago

The cutest thing in the world happened when this little critter crawled into a near-empty peanut butter jar.  The homeowners provided the tasty treat for the little guy even though they had no idea how it would turn out. Lucky for us, they filmed the whole thing and caught
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