If You’ve Ever Wondered How Bullying Affects A Child, You MUST Watch This Now. Powerful!

5 days ago

Like a lot of kids, poet Shane Koyczan suffered at the hands of bullies while growing up. But how he channeled that pain is both heartbreaking and powerful. If you’ve ever been bullied (or been a bully), you need to hear these words… I don’t cry on many occasions,

What Happens When You Put A Big Red Push Button In A Quiet Town Square? This..This Happens!

6 days ago

To launch the TV channel TNT in Belgium, the company came up with a hilarious publicity stunt.  They placed a big red push button on an average Flemish square of an average Flemish town. A sign with the text “Push To Add Drama” invited people to use the button.

Young Drummer Throws Up Mid-Performance…Keeps Going, LIKE A BOSS!

1 week ago

Even a drummer this good gets “nerves” sometimes.  This young man is seriously dedicated to his drumming to be able to keep going like that.  Highly commendable. Check it out… How about that bass player though? The guy never stopped! Source

This Random Guy Pretends To Be A Celebrity…And All Of New York Falls For it.

1 week ago

Okay, maybe not ALL of New York fell for it, but at least the thousands of people featured in this video did. This social experiment, of sorts, makes a profound statement about how modern culture is so attracted to pop culture, without any real credibility needed. The result is absolutely

Is This Father An Epic Parent Or Does He Go Way Too Far? You Decide.

1 week ago

Tommy Jordan’s daughter thought it would be funny/rebellious/cool to post on Facebook just how upset she was with her parents and how unfair her life here is…and block her parents from seeing it. Well her father, an IT professional, did see it and reads the post aloud on video…along with

This Goth Teen Has A Voice That No One Has Heard…And The Reason Why Made Me Tear Up

1 week ago

At first glance, he may look like a goth punk rocker.  But after you hear his voice, you’ll be blown away. And wait to you hear what he says at 3:55. You’ll be in tears just like the audience members and judges. You know what they say…NEVER judge a

This French Bulldog DOES NOT Want To Go To Bed…And He’s Ready To Argue All Night

1 week ago

If you are (or ever were) the parent of small children, you can definitely relate to this one. As his owner tries to get him to go to bed, this Frenchie makes a convincing argument why he should be able to stay up. Too funny… This little guy is

This Lady From North Dakota Wants The Deer Crossing Signs Moved…But You’ll Never Believe Why.

1 week ago

At first her logic seems sound, but then you think about it and…whoa, can’t stop laughing. PLEASE tell me this woman does not have children! OMG – the lack of reasoning skills is staggering! Source  

Watch This Short 3-Minute Video…You’ll be A Better Person Because Of It.

1 week ago

Every now and then a commercial comes along that really tugs at the heart.  This is definitely one of them. Trust me, this will make your day better. Heck, it will probably make your life better too. Just watch… Now, as you wipe away the tears, please share with

Guy Tries To Do A Cannonball Into A Frozen Pool…Painful For Him, Funny For Us!

1 week ago

We came across this awesome video of a German dude clad in tight swim trunks hoping to make his friends laugh by doing a cannonball into a frozen pool. Well, it didn’t quite work out as he expected as you can see in this hilarious video… Ouch, now that
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