Trust me, you'll have to look twice at a few of these...

12 Panoramic Photos Gone Horribly Wrong. Wait ‘Til You See The Last One…It’s Not What You Think!

Posted On January 29, 2014 at 1:03pm PST
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The panoramic feature on the modern smartphone is touted as an awesome addition to an already sophisticated camera.  But what happens when technology doesn’t behave exactly as intended?  You guessed it, we end up with some pretty hilarious results.

We’ve compiled the very best panoramic photos gone horribly wrong (or right)…

A rarely seen mythical creature in his natural habitat, collecting leaves for his girlfriend’s Pinterest project…



“So…Whatcha thinking about?”



Friend tries to photobomb panorama…instead panorama makes him God…



Has science gone too far?



“Kill it…Kill it with fire!”



With panoramic photos you can be in two places at once…



Panorama fail…or noodle dog win?



Friend stood up during panoramic shot…OR…Marty!! You’re running out of time!!



I’m glad I didn’t plan on sleeping tonight!



What happens when you take a panoramic photo and your dog runs into the shot…



So apparently, you can unwrap your face using your phone’s panoramic mode…



The mind see what it wants to see…:)


Okay, call me immature, but I started laughing out loud at the bathtub and almost fell out of my chair on the last one.  If you found these funny, don’t forget to share with your friends.



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