Holy Smokes! This Incredible New App Will Have You Reading An Entire Novel In Under 90 Minutes!

3 months ago

Are you ready to take your reading speed to a whole new level?  App developer Spritz, based out of Boston, MA wants to help. Sure, speed reading is about as old as reading itself but Spritz is tackling it from a completely new angle. The trick is finding what

If I Hadn’t Seen It With My Own Eyes, I Would Never Believe It…Even Now, I’m Still Stumped.

4 months ago

Some way…some how…this guy found a “glitch in the matrix.”  How does it work? Have I found an infinite chocolate source?  Even more, have I found an infinite source of white chocolate? I’m serious, someone explain this to me before my brain explodes! This is seriously messing with my

OMG! This Lady Literally Does The Impossible. How To Fold A Fitted Sheet Like A Pro.

4 months ago

If you’ve ever tried it, you know one of the biggest challenges you’re ever going to face in life is how to fold a fitted sheet. I admit, I usually just wad them up and throw them in my linen closet. Works for me! But, if you want to

In True Spinal Tap Fashion, This Guy Steals The Show. I Think He’s At The Wrong Gig!

4 months ago

While performing with cover band Rick K. & The Allnighters, drummer Steve Moore simply couldn’t take it anymore.  Dressed in a golden tuxedo and performing at an upscale resort in Pennsylvania, Moore lets out his inner John Bonham, flailing around in a very non-tuxedo clad manner. The result is absolutely hilarious.  Check

Guy Stuck In Las Vegas Airport Makes This Unforgettable Epic Video

4 months ago

Stuck overnight in the Las Vegas airport, Richard Dunn shot a hilarious video of himself lip-syncing Celine Dion. I guess what  happens in Vegas doesn’t necessarily stay in Vegas… Don’t forget, SHARING IS CARING! Source

Without A Doubt, This Is Definitely The Cutest Commercial I Have Ever Seen. A Must Watch!

4 months ago

If you haven’t seen this video yet, it’s definitely a must watch.  Nearly 90 million views and growing everyday. Trust me, this will be one of your favorites… Please SHARE with others if you loved it as much as we did! Source

These 5 Guys Started Playing Jazz For A Herd Of Cows…What Happened Next Blew My Mind!

4 months ago

This is such a cool video.  The New Hot 5, an American-based jazz band pulls over and starts playing for a herd of cows in Autrans, France.  While most would have expected the cows to run away, they show their support for the music by doing something completely different. You’ve

Not For The Life Of Me, Did I Ever Think I Would See An Animal Do Something Like This. AMAZING!

4 months ago

This amazing clip from The BBC is one of the most incredible things I have ever seen.  This is one video you don’t want to miss. Have fun… Please SHARE with others if you enjoyed this video!

“Everything Is Amazing Right Now…And Nobody’s Happy.” This Is The ONLY Guy Who Seems To Get It!

4 months ago

Comedian Louis C.K. does a great skit showing how oblivious we can be when complaining about our lives. We get frustrated when our cell phone reception goes out for 30 seconds without realizing how amazing cell phone technology is.  “Can you give it a second?” Louis asks. “It’s going

This Is So Simple, Yet So Amazing. I Can’t Believe I’ve Been Doing It Wrong All These Years.

4 months ago

It seems like every time I open a recipe it either calls for all egg whites or all egg yolks.  For me, cracking eggs is hard enough but separating the white from yolk is all but impossible.  That is, until I saw this stupid-simple trick in the video below.
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