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WATCH THIS NOW! Twin Baby Boys Have A “Conversation” That Will Absolutely Amaze You

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Twin baby boys Sam and Ren are just 17-months old but they sure do have a lot to talk about!  I couldn’t believe the awesome conversations these two are having in their own hilarious baby language.  It’s hard to tell whether they are cracking each other up with jokes

Is The Customer Always Right? Not At This Company! I Couldn’t Believe What This CEO Did.

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When Liberty Bottleworks co-founder Ryan Clark saw an angry review from a customer who complained she was unable to speak to anyone over a weekend, he responded straight away. But instead of using the “customer is always right” line, Mr Clark defended his staff’s right to uninterrupted family time

Looking To Travel? These 25 Rooms Will Blow Your Mind And Leave You Speechless!

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Contemporary? Modern? Craftsman? Rustic?  Whatever you fancy in luxury accommodations, you’ll find it here.  Beautiful locations combined with beautiful architecture to create something amazing. We’ve scoured the world to bring you the 25 most incredible rooms on the planet… A former mill in Yorkshire with old machinery still in

These Dogs Were Caught In The Act And Are Paying For It Online…25 Dog Shaming Photos You Must See

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These 25 dogs were naughty and their owners decided they wouldn’t get away with it that easily. Instead, they took out their digital cameras and decided to “shame” them on the Internet.  That may sound mean, but since the dogs don’t have a clue what this means, it’s hilarious

This Pet Owner Came Home To A Murder Scene…But The Suspects And Victim Are Not Who You’d Expect

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When tragedy strikes, no suspect can be ruled out.  Sometimes even the most innocent looking can commit the most heinous crimes, and this cat and dog duo are no exception.  These pet owners came home to discover their beloved pets had turned into a modern day Bonnie and Clyde.

This Little Boy Is Crying…But His Parent’s Reaction Will Make You Laugh Out Loud

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Little kids cry, that’s a fact, and sometimes their reasons why can be astounding.  Other times they can be hilarious.  Well, these parents created a blog on Tumblr captioning pictures of their son in the throes of his crying. Without further ado, we present to you, “Reasons My Son

There’s Nothing Cuter Than A Little Boy And His Puppy…Especially When It Looks Like This

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Our story begins with two young children, living in New York City, who last Christmas asked Santa for a puppy.  While the basic red tape about dogs being banned from their NYC residence prevented Santa from fulfilling this wish last Christmas, he (or at least the children’s parents) made

Guy Photoshops Celebrities Into His Holiday Party Photos…But How Real They Looked Blew My Mind

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We all sometimes wish we had cooler friends, right?  Now, I’ve heard that if Bill Murray is in your city, and you tweet him about your house party, there is a chance he’ll show up.  But if that falls through, you’re next best option is Photoshop.  At least it

Sexy Male Models Meet Sexy Kittens – The Hottest Thing On The Internet Right Now

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We came across what we believe to be the greatest thing on this Internet at this moment.  If you haven’t seen these yet, you are definitely missing out.  Sexy male models are placed next to their feline doppelgangers.  You decide who’s cuter… By the way, captions are completely unneccesary

20 Cool Abandoned Places You Have To Visit…But Be Prepared To Be A Little Freaked Out

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Most of these locations are not on the itinerary of you local travel agent, but if you’re “not the average tourist,” these are 20 places you must see in your lifetime.  Go ahead and get your passport ready because by the time you’re done viewing these images, the travel
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