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Understatement Of The Century – I Couldn’t Believe What Jeffery Dahmer Said After Getting Caught!

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un·der·state·ment (noun) – the presentation of something as being smaller or less important than it actually is. Yep, that’s the definition provided by Webster’s dictionary, but we came up with some pictures that could go right along side that definition in the dictionary.   In the face of death or

This Deployed Serviceman Was Feeling Terribly Homesick…But Then He Saw This!

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An American soldier on deployment in Afghanistan received a welcomed surprise while surfing the Internet.  As an active duty “COMM Guy” in the US Air Force, he’s never far from a computer, whether in a tent or on the go. Well, in this instance, it sure paid off. You’ve

I Had Seen The Pictures But The Story Made Me Cry…Grab A Tissue And Be Amazed!

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The horrendous events that occurred at last May’s Boston Marathon will go down in infamy as some of the worst this country has seen in over a decade.  But out of that cowardly act comes the story of an American hero. You may have seen some of the photos,

“What Did You Do Today?” “Not Much, Just Saved Some Baby Ducks…”

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On his way to the local Taco Bell, Reddit user “CaffeinatedZombie” saw a man trying to get at a family of baby ducks who were obviously in trouble.  He and a friend ran over to help, with the intention of just calling animal control. But by the time animal

This Guy Moved Into A New Apartment…But What He Discovered Will Freak You Out!

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It’s always a little nerve-racking moving into a new house or apartment, especially when it’s an old building.  Who lived here before me?  What went on?  What secrets does this place hold? Well, for this lucky (or unlucky) chap, moving into a new apartment came with one big surprise

18 Amazing Historical Photos That Will Make You Laugh, Cry, And Say OMG!

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Some say history is our only teacher.  Well, today we came across a collection of historical photos, several of which blew our mind.  Some were amazing, others were hilarious, and one made us feel weak inside. Here’s the best of the best… Dangerous Job: Testing bulletproof vests, 1923…  

These Are The 100 Wisest Words Ever Spoken. #84 Is Awesome. #17 Could Save Your Life.

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I’m sure we’ve all met that one person in our life who just seems to have the wisest advice.  They look at life through a much bigger lens than just the temporal, everyday happenings most of us focus on. Perhaps it was a grand-parent or a high school English

This Waitress’s Act Of Kindness Was Awesome. But Wait ‘Til You See What Happened Next.

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Did you see this?  Such an awesome and inspiring story about what happens when we “pay it forward!”  Make sure you read all the way through to see how it turned out for this young mother. Last month, Sarah Hoidahl, a 21 year old single mom was working as

Sure, You’re Dog Can Sit And Roll Over…But Can He Do This?

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Meet Scout, a dog with the amazing talent of being able to balance nearly anything on his head.  According to Scout’s owner, it all started out when a friend suggested she put a roll of toilet paper on Scout’s head.  He balanced so easily and for so long, it

At First I Thought Most Of These Were Ridiculous…But The Last One, I Want For Myself.

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With Christmas coming up in exactly one month, and Black Friday less than a week away, you’re probably trying to figure out what to get for that one person who seems to already have everything.  To lighten things up a bit, we decided to put together our collection of
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