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This Poignant Video Of A Preemie’s Journey From NICU To Home Sweet Home Had Me In Tears…A Beautiful Miracle!

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Ward Miles is a living miracle.  He was born 3 1/2 months premature and weighed a tiny 1.5 pounds. This is a story of a mother’s love for her baby. It sums up her son’s first year. He was born way too early, and the obstacles he had to

The TSA Apprehends A Possible Hijacker…The Culprit: A Cowboy Sock Monkey. You’ve Got To Be Kidding Me!

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“Rooster Monkburn,” the cowboy sock monkey creation of Phyllis May was recently apprehended by diligent TSA agents in St. Louis. May has a small business in Redmond, WA selling unique sock monkey dolls. She says she and her husband were on their way home from St. Louis and she

This Video Of A Male Seahorse Giving Birth Blew My Mind…It’s Both Freaky And Beautiful

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As you may know, it is the male seahorse that incubates the eggs and then gives birth. When the babies are ready to enter the world, violent contractions start until finally hundreds, or even thousands of baby seahorses emerge. The result is both breathtaking and exhausting. This one is

Man, If My House Ever Caught On Fire, I’d Want These Guys To Show Up…Freaking Amazing!

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I just came across this video this morning and knew I had to share it.  Apparently these are firefighters from Eastern Europe competing in some type of Olympic showdown.  Honestly, the first 15 seconds blew my mind.  These guys could scale a building so fast it’s amazing.  You HAVE

These 7 Brutally Honest Valentine’s Cards Take The Romance Out Of The Holiday…But They’re Utterly Hilarious

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We all know Valentine’s day can get a little over the top, especially with greeting card companies pushing it on you with reckless abandon.  Perhaps you’re not into the mushy stuff…or you’re a single who’s sick of having your face constantly rubbed in it.  Either way, I’m sure you’ll

These 12 Celebrities And Their Historical Doppelgangers Will Make You Look Twice. Wait ‘Till You See Jay-Z…FREAKY!

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Remember a couple years ago when Facebook users were changing their profile picture to their celebrity Doppelganger?  Well, it turns out celebrities are just like us…they have lookalikes too.  And some of them have historical doppelgangers that are…well…uncanny.  From John Travolta to Michael Phelps, you’ll be shocked by the

Police Officer Steals Marijuana, Bakes Brownies, Calls 911…What Happened Next Had Me Rolling On The Floor

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Okay, this is hilarious.  No matter what your stance is on the subject of marijuana, this story will get you laughing. A police officer from Michigan apparently stole the weed from evidence and then baked it in brownies.  Well, he and his wife ate the brownies, got high and

The 14 Biggest Rip-Offs That You’ve Most Likely Fell For. Wait ‘Til You See #12…So Frustrating!

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In today’s world of greedy companies and corporate profits, you never know who you can trust.  And while hearing the word “scam” may evoke images of a Nigerian prince wanting you to act as his beneficiary, some rip-offs are happening every day right under your nose. We’ve tracked down

What Happens When You Pour Molten Aluminum In An Old Fire Ant Colony? Something Absolutely Amazing!

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We came across an amazing new type of art that is made by pouring molten aluminum into a fire ant colony. The resulting cast is huge, weighing 17.9 lbs. and reaching a depth of 18 inches. While this may look inhumane, it is important to note that red imported fire

This Dog Does Not Want Anyone Stealing His Bone – Including…Well…His Own Foot

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Okay, this is one you have to see.  In fact, I’m not even really sure how to set this up.  This dog, thinking someone is trying to steal his food, fights off his encounter by biting them, but what he does not know is that its is his own
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