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Self-Proclaimed World’s Greatest Father Documents What An Amazing Parent He Is. You Have To See This!

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We came across a hilarious series of photos from the self-proclaimed “World’s Best Father,” Dave Engledow. Dave takes outlandish photos alongside his two-year old daughter Alice Bee (isn’t that the most wonderful name) in a number of unlikely situations. This series of photographs featuring a great dad and his

This Little Boy Has Down’s Syndrome…But How His New Dog Responds Will Melt Your Heart.

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This is one of the most precious and priceless things I have ever seen.  A beautiful yellow lab gently makes a new friend with this young boy with Down’s Syndrome.  The result of their interaction touched me deep within my soul.  Such a wonderful example of the intuitive nature

21 Grooms See Their Brides For The First Time…And Their Expressions Are Absolutely Priceless

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Oh that rare and magical moment, the first time a groom sees his bride on their wedding day. The emotions are real and spontaneous. Not too many things can compare, and it’s absolutely beautiful when a photographer is able to capture it. You have to wonder what is going

17 Tree House Getaways That Will Absolutely Blow Your Mind. Wait ‘Til You See #12…OMG!

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An awesome tree house is the dream of almost every child.  Heck, even as adults, many of us still wish we could live among the birds in the trees.  Lucky for us, the tree house has become a bit more accesable as a vacation getaway.  Designers and architects have

This Group Of Retired Senior Citizens Completely Blows Away Simon Cowell. Trust Me It’s Not What You Think.

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This group of elderly singers gives the performance of a lifetime on Simon Cowell’s Britain’s Got Talent. What starts out as a the classic crooner tune “What The World Needs” morphs into something no one expected. The group, who calls themselves The Zimmers, is thought to have the oldest

What This Pet Adoption Agency Did To Increase Awareness Is Both Hilarious And Heartwarming. You Want To See This!

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There are so many dogs and cats out there that just need someone to take a chance on them that the SPCA decided to use the catchy ABBA tune “Take A Chance On Me” in their latest campaign to raise awareness.  If this doesn’t get you moving a little

This Looks Like A Classic Picture Of A Rock Icon…But When You Find Out How It Was Made, It Will Seriously Blow Your Mind.

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We came across this anonymous author on the image sharing site  Not divulging his real name (perhaps he didn’t want people to know about his OCD), he shared a series of designs made up of individual orders he took while working as a waiter at a fast-paced restaurant.

This Artist Creates Amazing Illustrations…But You’ll Never Believe Where He Draws Them

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Every Friday, freelance designer Charlie Layton grabs a marker and starts to draw.  But he doesn’t use a traditional canvas, or even a piece of paper.  Instead, the artist turns his incredible talent toward the door of his freezer.  The door, which is made of a material similar to

What These “Birds Of Paradise” Do Is Absolutely Amazing…This Could Be The Best Five Minutes Of Your Week

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I’ll be the first to admit, I’m not overly interested in birds, but I do love to see and explore the beauty and mystery of the world around us.  I can think of no better example of those two characteristics than the “Birds of Paradise” living in New Guinea.

Two Grown Men Re-Enact The Conversation Of A Two Year Old…The Result Is Strangely Hilarious

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Matthew Clark seems like a totally normal guy.  That is, until he decided to re-enact  an actual conversation he had with his 2 year-old daughter.  But, since his daughter is not much of an actor, he decided to have his friend David sit in for his his toddler. The
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