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I’ve Seen The Mother/Son Wedding Dance Many Times…But Never Like This. AMAZING!

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Kathy Bunker is the owner and artistic director for Bunker Dance Center out of Las Vegas, so I’m guessing guests were a little surprised when she started doing a standard, boring mother/son dance at her son Blake’s wedding. Well, that is until about a minute into the performance. That’s

This Amazing Time-Lapse Video Shows The “Extreme Makeover” Of A Homeless Veteran. The Results Are…WOW!

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Meet Jim, one of over 60,000 homeless veterans living in America.  Jim may look like someone you passed on your way to work this morning.  But what happens when someone like Jim decides to take control of his life and make a real change?  Well, with the help of

Planning To Travel To Another Country? You Better Read This Before You Go Out To Dinner.

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If you’ve ever done any kind of traveling, you know that different cultures have different rules when it comes to dining.  And not following those rules and customs can show disrespect to your host or dining partners. We’ve come across some very specific do’s and don’t’s when it comes

Without Hesitation, Girl Breaks Car Window To Save A Helpless Dog…What Would You Do In This Situation?

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What would you do if you came across a poor, helpless dog trapped in a car on a hot summer day?  I know what I would do, and it’s very similar to how these young girl’s responded to the situation. Summer will be here before we know it.  Let’s

This Dad Takes Making Balloon Animals To A Whole ‘Nother Level. I Guarantee You’ve Never Seen Anything Like This Before!

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We came across the user “Endoranth” on the popular website  His father has an amazingly cool talent…super-cool balloon twisting.  Now, we’re not talking about a wiener dog or funny hat like you might get at the circus.  No, these are gigantic monuments often taking days to complete. And

This Could Be The Funniest Animal Video So Far This Year. And For All We Know, These Are Accurate Translations.

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Oh wow, The BBC has done it again.  Well, with the help of DJ Shamrock, that is.  Shamrock edited a compilation of excerpts from BBC One’s Walk On The Wild Side with voice-overs and music for comedic effect.  The result is absolutely hilarious. I dare you to see how far you

11 Crazy Facts That Are Absolutely True…I Couldn’t Believe #5 Until I Looked It Up. Insane!

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Sure, everyone likes to quote some cool “fact” or statement but how many of them are actually true?  You just never know if what you read on the Internet can be believed.  That is why we went out and researched all 11 of these facts (checked them on Snopes,

Trust Me, You’ve Never Been On A Flight Like This Before…This Guy Is Awesome!

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If you’ve flown on a commercial flight more than once you’re probably familiar with the boring announcements.  And if you’re like most people, you probably just tune them out.  Well, that is unless you’re on a Southwest Airlines flight with flight attendant David Holmes. Haha…just try to ignore these

What Do You Do When It Snows? These Guys Built A Mini-Golf Course In There Backyard…And How It Turned Out? WOW!

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What do most people do in the winter?  Stay inside and try to keep warm?  Perhaps head to the mountains for some skiing?  But what about Miniature Golf?  It’s usually not something you associate with 2 feet of snow on the ground.  But that didn’t stop these guys…nope, not

Man Takes Hot Air Balloon To The Edge Of Space…Then Free-Falls Back To Earth. Freaky AND Amazing!

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Felix Baumgartner floated to an altitude of over 128,ooo feet (39,000 meters) in a helium filled air balloon and then completed a record breaking jump for the ages from the very edge of space, exactly 65 years after Chuck Yeager first broke the sound barrier.  Baumgartner reached a maximum
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