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This Artist Creates Amazing Illustrations…But You’ll Never Believe Where He Draws Them

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Every Friday, freelance designer Charlie Layton grabs a marker and starts to draw.  But he doesn’t use a traditional canvas, or even a piece of paper.  Instead, the artist turns his incredible talent toward the door of his freezer.  The door, which is made of a material similar to

What These “Birds Of Paradise” Do Is Absolutely Amazing…This Could Be The Best Five Minutes Of Your Week

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I’ll be the first to admit, I’m not overly interested in birds, but I do love to see and explore the beauty and mystery of the world around us.  I can think of no better example of those two characteristics than the “Birds of Paradise” living in New Guinea.

Two Grown Men Re-Enact The Conversation Of A Two Year Old…The Result Is Strangely Hilarious

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Matthew Clark seems like a totally normal guy.  That is, until he decided to re-enact  an actual conversation he had with his 2 year-old daughter.  But, since his daughter is not much of an actor, he decided to have his friend David sit in for his his toddler. The

This Little Girl Cut Off Her Hair…But The Reason She Did It Melted My Heart

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Could this be the most amazing brother and sister relationship in the world?  When she sees her older brother coming home, this little girl goes to work cutting off her hair.  But the reason she does it is so breathtakingly sweet.  Watch as she goes the extra mile in

A Two Year Old Girl Records A Surprise Birthday Message For Her Mommy. This Is Adorable…And You Will Love It.

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Claire, a beautiful two-year old girl, wanted to surprise her mom on her birthday by recording a special birthday message.  What came out of it was completely unscripted and all Claire’s own words.  Her father’s only input was holding the camera and taking the recording. This will be the

Soldier, Home Early, Surprises His Wife At Chick-Fil-A. Less Than 30 Seconds In, I Was In Tears!

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Nothing is sweeter than seeing a soldier or sailor reunited with their family after a long deployment overseas. Embracing each other for the first time can often be a very intimate moment for these families. Most of the time families plan these reunions well in advance to make sure

19 Photos That Will Restore Your Faith In Humanity. Some Made Me Smile…Others Made Me Cry.

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It seems like all we ever hear about in the news is the evil and negative things humans do. Is that all we, as a species, are capable of? At Slightly Viral, we don’t think so. That’s why we put together this list of amazing acts of kindness that

The Most Unlikely Of Friends Gather Every Morning For A “Meeting.” You Have To See This To Believe It.

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We came across a really cool story of a woman named Pam Aus living in the town of Unalaska, Alaska in the Aleutian Islands.  Pam has some unusual animal neighbors who like to meet on her porch each morning. Imagine a fox, an eagle, and two pet cats all

When A Reporter Wanted To Get Some Close Up Footage Of Baby Seals, He Never Thought This Would Happen

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Reporter Charlie Bird thought he might get some great up close footage of seals on a recent trip to Antarctica…but he probably never thought it would be THIS up close!  In this video, the seal pup inches closer and closer until Charlie is laid down and the seal is

Her Daughter And 5 Grandchildren Lost Their Home…But What This Grandmother Did About It Is Awesome

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When Monica Smith started working on her 8 foot by 10 foot shed in the back yard, not many people understood why.  Later, when they found out she was turning it into a tiny cabin, they laughed and scoffed at her. To them, it seemed rather strange that she
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