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11 Shocking Facts About McDonald’s That Will Make You Re-Think Your Dinner Plans. The Last One Made Me Angry.

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Chances are pretty high you’ve eaten here before.  In fact, the odds are pretty high many of you have eaten here this week.  I’m talking about McDonald’s!  That familiar place that hooks at childhood and keeps us coming back for super-sized salty portions all the days of our lives.

This Guy Is Selling A Beat-Up 1997 Jeep Cherokee For $1750…But His Craigslist Ad Is Worth Millions.

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1997 was a good year for the Jeep Cherokee, and this beautiful example with only 220,000 miles on it can be yours for a mere $1750.  Sure, it’s located in beautiful Enid Oklahoma, but just take a look at this baby! You know you want it… Okay, not in

What Happens When You Take The Guns Out Of Movie Scenes? Probably Not What You’d Expect.

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We came across an obscure blog where users submit movie stills with the weapons removed from the characters’ hands, and replaced with a thumbs-up pose instead.  It turns out you don’t really need to be waving a gun around to look tough…you just need to know how to pose.

12 Panoramic Photos Gone Horribly Wrong. Wait ‘Til You See The Last One…It’s Not What You Think!

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The panoramic feature on the modern smartphone is touted as an awesome addition to an already sophisticated camera.  But what happens when technology doesn’t behave exactly as intended?  You guessed it, we end up with some pretty hilarious results. We’ve compiled the very best panoramic photos gone horribly wrong

These Are The 22 Most Amazing Places On The Planet. From First To Last…Wow!

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There are places on this great planet, so unspoiled and majestic, they leave us in awe.  They are not relegated to any particular region or climate and span the globe across all seven continents.  But some just take the cake. Here is our list of the 22 most amazing

Hero Dog Saves Another After It Was Hit On The Highway. Wow, This Is Amazing!

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This footage was taken from a traffic camera overlooking a busy freeway in Santiago, Chile. The camera captured one of the most heroic acts we have ever seen – a dog pulling an injured friend off of the highway to safety. The first dog was hit by a car

This Cute Little Kitten Discovers The Scariest Thing Ever…And What Happens Next Is Hilarious

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When you’re young, everything in this world is new.  Well, this cute little guy goes into the living room and discovers something very new…and very scary.  But, being brave, he decides to investigate a little more closely.  At first, he’s not sure how to approach this “scary thing.” But

23 Examples Of Why Women Live Longer Than Men

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We all know that woman live longer than men but scientists often debate the cause of this phenomenon. Here in the US, the current life expectancy for women is 81 years and for men it’s several years shorter. Well, we think we may have cracked the code.  These men

This Golden Retriever Guards His Owner’s Bicycle…But What Happens After Is The Best Part

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We came across this awesome video of a Golden Retriever who guards his owners bike as curious and amused spectators pass by.  But what’s really cool is that when the owner shows up, the excited dog then hops aboard the man’s bike.  The owner begins peddling away with his

What This Driver Did To An Elderly Woman Was Unthinkable…But How She Responded Was Priceless

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Okay, let me set this one up for you.  An elderly woman, slowly crossing the street, gets honked at by an inconsiderate driver in a Mercedes.  Rather than leave his rudeness unpunished, she does something very unexpected and leaves the driver very embarrassed and regretting his actions. You’ve got
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