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At First I Thought These Were Classic 18th Century Paintings…Then I Took A Closer Look. Wow!

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Bill Gekas is an Australian photographer with a love for classic paintings.  But last year Gekas took his love a bit farther and decided to recreate the classics through photography…using his gorgeous 5-year old daughter as the subject. And the outcome is, well, take a look for yourself… It’s

This Very Well May Be The Most Amazing Man On The Planet…Yet Every Time I Watch I Cry

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Have you heard of Nick Vujicic?  He was born without any limbs and is probably the most amazing man I have ever seen.  Nick would have every reason to throw in the towel on life and blame his limbless body for his shortfalls.  Instead, he lifts others up with

These Cats Are The Boss And They Know It…And These Poor Dogs Don’t Have A Chance

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We all know cats just love to cozy up in small spaces.  And we also know cats definitely believe they are rulers of any roost.  So it should really come as no surprise that when a cat decides to take over the bed of a sibling dog, the dog

These Two Senior Citizens Look Like My Grandparents…But They Dance Better Than Most Teenagers

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Charlie Womble and Jackie McGee have been dancing together for over three decades. They’ve won countless competitions and even went undefeated for 12 years! But even well into their 60′s they’ve still got what it takes.   Here they are showing off a little at ShagAtlanta 2013. Goes to

15 Award Winning Milkshakes You Have To Try…Complete With Recipes

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Summer or winter, there’s nothing quite like the taste of blended ice cream and milk, coupled with whip cream and a cherry on top.  When I was a kid, it was all about the simple vanilla milkshake.  But now that I’m older (and more adventurous) I am much more

You Can Stop Looking Now, We Found Him…The Guiltiest Dog In Existence

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This man came home to find a shredded bag of kitty cat treats on the floor.  The culprit?  Not the cat but one of his dogs.  After questioning both of his Labrador Retrievers, it becomes pretty obvious which one is plagued with guilt and shame. This is Denver…guilty as

I Always Thought That Security Cameras Just Steal Our Privacy…But These All Caught Something Magical

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Now days security cameras are everywhere, rolling 24/7 to zoom in on criminal activities, and Coca Cola’s cameras are no different.  But sometimes these cameras catch a different side of humanity.  Take a look at these scenes that show some important aspects of human existence captured through the digital

A Girl Steps Up To A Karaoke Machine On Display In A Department Store…But What Happened Next Left Me Awestruck

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In what appears to be your average department store, a young girl is caught on video grabbing the microphone of a karaoke machine and starting to sing a classic Whitney Houston song.  Watch as she stuns everyone with her incredible vocals.  What an amazing talent!  We hope she becomes

This Stay At Home Dad Leaves Post-It Notes For His Wife…And What They Say Is Hilarious

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A few years back, Chris Illuminati quit his job to take care of his newborn son full-time.  But while working, Chris said he would use Post-It Notes around the office for various reminders.  When he became a stay-at-home dad, he decided to incorporate these same organizational principles while watching

This Man Rescued A Baby Hummingbird From Certain Death…And That’s Not Even The Most Remarkable Part

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This adorable baby hummingbird was rescued by YouTube user “kandwarf” and the story, documented in this video, was just too cute not to share.  From feedings with a tiny eyedropper to flying lessons in his living room, this story will surely restore your faith in humanity. For those who
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