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Dance Like Nobody’s Watching…At Least That’s What This Preschooler Did. And The Result Is Absolutely Adorable!

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This is probably the most adorable thing EVER! This little girl is destined to be a star for sure. The tiny dancer, clad in a purple tutu, quickly grabs the attention of the photographer, and the adults in the audience can’t help but chuckle at her adorable embellishments. Her

This Dog Is Determined To Get A Stranger To Throw A Stick For Him…But The Guy Is Having None Of It.

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Meet Robbie, a Border Collie/Australian Kelpie mix who is hopelessly trying to get this “stranger” to throw a stick for him. Unfortunately for Robbie, the stranger is not moving a muscle and doesn’t seem too interested in playing at all. But just look at the determination of this animal!

This Unlikely Animal Pair Have Developed A Friendship That Has Scientists Scratching Their Heads…And You Will Too

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“Oh you know, just an owl loving on a dog.”  That’s what my friend said to me when she told me about this video.  I just had to share it with you. The owl is named Louise but goes by the nickname “Wee.”  The bird dog is named Annie.

21 Grooms See Their Brides For The First Time…And Their Expressions Are Absolutely Priceless

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Oh that rare and magical moment, the first time a groom sees his bride on their wedding day. The emotions are real and spontaneous. Not too many things can compare, and it’s absolutely beautiful when a photographer is able to capture it. You have to wonder what is going

A Two Year Old Girl Records A Surprise Birthday Message For Her Mommy. This Is Adorable…And You Will Love It.

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Claire, a beautiful two-year old girl, wanted to surprise her mom on her birthday by recording a special birthday message.  What came out of it was completely unscripted and all Claire’s own words.  Her father’s only input was holding the camera and taking the recording. This will be the

This Cute Little Kitten Discovers The Scariest Thing Ever…And What Happens Next Is Hilarious

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When you’re young, everything in this world is new.  Well, this cute little guy goes into the living room and discovers something very new…and very scary.  But, being brave, he decides to investigate a little more closely.  At first, he’s not sure how to approach this “scary thing.” But
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