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This Heartwarming Magic Trick Performed For The Homeless Will Make You Smile

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I love magic tricks. I also love to see people doing awesome things to help out the homeless. Put those two things together and you have, well, and explosion of awesomeness. That’s where Stuart Edge comes in. He’s an amazing magician who loves to help out the down-and-outers. Lucky

Genius Idea To Fight Obesity? Russian Subway Accepts 30 Squats As Payment For Ride.

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Strange or genius, you decide. A vending machine has been set up at one of Moscow’s subway stations that allows people to earn a free ticket by doing squats. People who do 30 squats in front of this machine will get a free ride – which usually costs around 92

Meet Chis P. Bacon: This Inspirational Pig In A Wheelchair Will Seriously Melt Your Heart.

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Let me introduce you to Chirs P. Bacon (get it?). Chris was born without the use of his hind limbs and was set to be put down before vet Len Lucero stepped in and built him a specially-designed wheelchair. The lovable one-year-old now spends most of his time bringing

This Student Created Her Entire Resume Out Of Legos…And the Result Is Absolutely Mind Blowing.

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College student Leah Bowman wanted to do something to set herself apart from her classmates. Hoping to catch the eye of prospective employers, she made her resume completely out of LEGOS. Leah says she’s always had a passion for Legos so she created a Lego version of herself, packaged

Artist “Finger Paints” The Most Realistic Portrait Of Morgan Freeman I’ve Ever Seen…On An iPad?

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What is the result of 200 hours, 285,000 brush strokes, and an iPad? Well, see for yourself in this amazing time-lapse video by Kyle Lambert. Kyle used only a finger, an iPad Air, and the app Procreate to “finger paint” one of the most realistic paintings of actor Morgan

This Young Teens Amazing Last Second Shot Blew My Mind. I Had To Watch It Three Times!

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Matt DeMember made the shot-of-a-lifetime during the last second of a church-league basketball game between two 8th/9th grade teams in Fredrick County, Maryland.  Time was running out, and there was time for only one shot.  Matt received the pass in the last second and heaved the ball to the

Underwater Base Jump Is Both Beautifully Stunning and Absolutely Terrifying.

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We came across an amazing video of champion freediver Guillaume Nery base jumping the world’s largest underwater sinkhole, plunging a staggering 663 feet to the ocean floor on a single breath. The sinkhole, simply called Dean’s Blue Hole, is located in a small bay west of the Bahamas. This

This Is The Most Amazing Maid Of Honor Toast You’ll Ever See…GUARANTEED!

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Jennifer Gabrielli delivers what may be the best surprise toast by any bridesmaid ever. This girl has skillz… Pretty impressive, don’t you think?  Eminem needs to see this. Source

This Couple’s Adorable Time-Lapse Pregnancy Video Is The Cutest Thing I’ve Ever Seen. Wait ‘Til You See Why!

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“We took photos every day through the nine months of our pregnancy, this is the result,” writes Tom Fletcher on his YouTube description.  The video, posted just days ago, has already begun to go viral. Watch and see why… Absolutely beautiful. I think I shed a tear. Source

Pat Sajak Called This ‘Wheel Of Fortune’ Solve The Most Amazing Of His 30+ Year Career

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Go ahead and give it a shot.  Before the letters light up, pause the video and see if you can solve this puzzle. Even Pat Sajak was completely taken by surprise, posting on Twitter, “Tonight’s ‘Wheel of Fortune’ features most amazing solve in my 30+ years on the show.
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