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These 22 Amazing Facts About Tigers Blew My Mind…But The Last 5 Brought Me To Tears

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Tigers are some of the most amazing creatures on the planet.  In fact, Animal Planet recently voted tigers to be one of the world’s most favorite animal.  But a great deal of what we think we know about tigers is colored by common misconceptions or confusion with other large

There’s Nothing Cuter Than A Little Boy And His Puppy…Especially When It Looks Like This

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Our story begins with two young children, living in New York City, who last Christmas asked Santa for a puppy.  While the basic red tape about dogs being banned from their NYC residence prevented Santa from fulfilling this wish last Christmas, he (or at least the children’s parents) made

I Used To Think Fatherhood Wasn’t For Me…Then I Saw These Picture. Now I Can’t Wait.

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Are you a dad or do you have fond memories of your father?  If you answered yes to either of those, I’m sure you’ll get a kick out of these photos.  Some awesome (and maybe a little embarrassing) photos of some pretty neat dads right in their element.  Go

This Deployed Serviceman Was Feeling Terribly Homesick…But Then He Saw This!

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An American soldier on deployment in Afghanistan received a welcomed surprise while surfing the Internet.  As an active duty “COMM Guy” in the US Air Force, he’s never far from a computer, whether in a tent or on the go. Well, in this instance, it sure paid off. You’ve

I Had Seen The Pictures But The Story Made Me Cry…Grab A Tissue And Be Amazed!

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The horrendous events that occurred at last May’s Boston Marathon will go down in infamy as some of the worst this country has seen in over a decade.  But out of that cowardly act comes the story of an American hero. You may have seen some of the photos,

“What Did You Do Today?” “Not Much, Just Saved Some Baby Ducks…”

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On his way to the local Taco Bell, Reddit user “CaffeinatedZombie” saw a man trying to get at a family of baby ducks who were obviously in trouble.  He and a friend ran over to help, with the intention of just calling animal control. But by the time animal

18 Amazing Historical Photos That Will Make You Laugh, Cry, And Say OMG!

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Some say history is our only teacher.  Well, today we came across a collection of historical photos, several of which blew our mind.  Some were amazing, others were hilarious, and one made us feel weak inside. Here’s the best of the best… Dangerous Job: Testing bulletproof vests, 1923…  

This Waitress’s Act Of Kindness Was Awesome. But Wait ‘Til You See What Happened Next.

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Did you see this?  Such an awesome and inspiring story about what happens when we “pay it forward!”  Make sure you read all the way through to see how it turned out for this young mother. Last month, Sarah Hoidahl, a 21 year old single mom was working as

These Three Had Already Suffered Enough. But What The Government Did Made My Stomach Turn.

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At first glance, it may seem like an American black bear, a Bengal tiger, and an African lion might not have anything in common, but these three individuals were victims of neglect and animal cruelty as cubs, finding solace only in each other. The lion, tiger, and bear had

What This Man Found In A Bag Of Mulch Will Blow Your Mind. What He Did With It Will Melt Your Heart.

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A Florida man opened a new bag of mulch and, to his surprise, he found a baby squirrel inside.  We found the man on Reddit, where he is known by the handle “Nadtacular,” but now the Internet is starting to know him because of his compassion.  The baby squirrel
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