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Without A Doubt, This Is Definitely The Cutest Commercial I Have Ever Seen. A Must Watch!

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If you haven’t seen this video yet, it’s definitely a must watch.  Nearly 90 million views and growing everyday. Trust me, this will be one of your favorites… Please SHARE with others if you loved it as much as we did! Source

Adorable Dog Sees A Squirrel Out The Car Window…And The Sound He Makes Is Absolutely Priceless!

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You’ve got to check out Rocco the Springer Spaniel singing his squirrel song on video.  It’s both adorable and slightly disturbing at the same time. How does the saying go?  “If you can’t chase them, join them!” We’re pretty sure his/her owner must listen to way too much dubstep!

This French Bulldog DOES NOT Want To Go To Bed…And He’s Ready To Argue All Night

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If you are (or ever were) the parent of small children, you can definitely relate to this one. As his owner tries to get him to go to bed, this Frenchie makes a convincing argument why he should be able to stay up. Too funny… This little guy is

Meet Chis P. Bacon: This Inspirational Pig In A Wheelchair Will Seriously Melt Your Heart.

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Let me introduce you to Chirs P. Bacon (get it?). Chris was born without the use of his hind limbs and was set to be put down before vet Len Lucero stepped in and built him a specially-designed wheelchair. The lovable one-year-old now spends most of his time bringing

This Emotional Baby Is Moved To Tears By Her Mother’s Singing…And It’s Absolutely Adorable.

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Mary Lynne Leroux is completely taken away by her mother’s private performance of Rod Stewart’s classic “My Heart Can’t Tel You No” in the family’s kitchen. Watch as an emotional Mary tears up and smiles, tears up and smiles – showing the power of music and those little moments

This Toddler’s Argument For Why He NEEDS A Cupcake For Dinner Left Me Speechless. This Is Great!

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“Linda, Honey, listen, listen!”  This 3-year-old boy is not arguing foreign policy…nope, he wants cupcakes! This little boy definitely has a future as a high-powered attorney.  How could you say no to that face?  Thanks to his mom, Linda Beltran, for posting this precious video on YouTube. Source

Absolutely Hilarious!! This Church Choir Has No Idea What Is Going On Right Behind Them.

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This very talented little girl from Kyrgystan is conducting the church choir from the back row during a Sunday morning service.  Check it out… This made my day! How cute! Please share if you want to see more videos like this… Source

This Girl Thought She Was Just Getting A Cheesy Graduation Gift From Her Dad…Then She Opened It

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There are plenty of deadbeat dads in the world that seem to make the news every day.  It’s high time the great ones got a little recognition as well… Source

This Could Be The Most Patient Cat In the World..So Adorable You Can’t Help But Smile

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This young puppy is very enamored with its feline friend in this heartwarming video.  The cat is clearly unfazed by the attack and shows a level of patience like nothing we’ve ever seen.  In fact, she seems to be enjoying all the attention. Here’s 23 seconds that will surely

Dance Like Nobody’s Watching…At Least That’s What This Preschooler Did. And The Result Is Absolutely Adorable!

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This is probably the most adorable thing EVER! This little girl is destined to be a star for sure. The tiny dancer, clad in a purple tutu, quickly grabs the attention of the photographer, and the adults in the audience can’t help but chuckle at her adorable embellishments. Her
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