This Guy Is Selling A Beat-Up 1997 Jeep Cherokee For $1750…But His Craigslist Ad Is Worth Millions.

1997 was a good year for the Jeep Cherokee, and this beautiful example with only 220,000 miles on it can be yours for a mere $1750.  Sure, it’s located in beautiful Enid Oklahoma, but just take a look at this baby! You know you want it…

Okay, not in the market for a late 90’s Jeep, that okay.  You’ll still get a kick out of reading this hilarious Craigslist ad we found and might even feel like a baseball scout who just stumbled across a hillbilly farm boy that throws a 95 MPH fastball.

Just check it out….





Okay, this guy is such a good copywriter, his add was flagged for removal by the Craigslist “police.”  I mean seriously, not many people can pull off a “Dickensian Orphan” simile when describing four-wheel drive.