Guy Photoshops Celebrities Into His Holiday Party Photos…But How Real They Looked Blew My Mind

We all sometimes wish we had cooler friends, right?  Now, I’ve heard that if Bill Murray is in your city, and you tweet him about your house party, there is a chance he’ll show up.  But if that falls through, you’re next best option is Photoshop.  At least it was for the guy who submitted these photos.  They turned out pretty awesome if you ask me…

Wait, what?  You know Emma Watson???



“Hey Girl, Can I get in that picture with you?”



He’s in the kitchen, but I can’t smell what he’s cooking (+1 for the reflection on the counter)…



“Legend”…wait for it, wait for it…”dary”



“Yep, we got photobombed by Colbert…”



Even Joseph Gordon-Levitt stops by the party…



“And here’s Alec Baldwin hanging out in my kitchen…”


There you have it.  If you want to liven things up when showing off pictures of your holiday party, just invite a few celebs…or Photoshop them in.