Is The Customer Always Right? Not At This Company! I Couldn’t Believe What This CEO Did.

When Liberty Bottleworks co-founder Ryan Clark saw an angry review from a customer who complained she was unable to speak to anyone over a weekend, he responded straight away. But instead of using the “customer is always right” line, Mr Clark defended his staff’s right to uninterrupted family time over the weekends and at holidays.

“People Over Profit…”



The Customer’s Facebook Rant…



CEO Ryan Clark’s Response…


The response clearly hit a chord with customers and fans of Liberty Bottle, an all-American produced product that hires Vets to help with its work.

Liberty’s Facebook page received more than 10,000 new likes and orders nearly doubled from the previous month.

The co-founder also added, “We have this silly belief that you can do well by doing good. To see the number of people reaffirm [the idea] is kind of a neat thing.”


What do you think?  Was the customer right?


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