Genius Idea To Fight Obesity? Russian Subway Accepts 30 Squats As Payment For Ride.

Strange or genius, you decide.

A vending machine has been set up at one of Moscow’s subway stations that allows people to earn a free ticket by doing squats. People who do 30 squats in front of this machine will get a free ride – which usually costs around 92 cents.

How’s it work?

1) Go to Vystavochaya Station and find the ticket machine with the special squat sensor.

2) Squat away. Complete at least 30 squats within two minutes, and you get a free ticket, much personal satisfaction and perhaps a few cheers from bystanders.

3) Fewer than 30 reps: squat fail. Pay 30 rubles for a ticket (about USD$0.91), and do the walk of shame to your train with the hundreds of other hapless losers.

Or…you could just watch the video…