These Are The 100 Wisest Words Ever Spoken. #84 Is Awesome. #17 Could Save Your Life.

I’m sure we’ve all met that one person in our life who just seems to have the wisest advice.  They look at life through a much bigger lens than just the temporal, everyday happenings most of us focus on. Perhaps it was a grand-parent or a high school English teacher whose advice was priceless, or maybe just that of an old friend.

Well, we’ve uncovered a list of the 100 Wisest Words Ever Spoken.  A few of them may be obvious, but some may blow your mind.

1 - d05h1AF

2 - OYbQClY

3 - vXpHArm

4 - Pa7r0Rd

5 - 2ETeaCA

At first I thought I would get bored reading this long list, but if you made it this far you know it was worth it.  Now, go back read it again…and then pass it on to a friend!