These Are The Most Ingenius Jobs I Have Ever Seen. You May Think The Last One Is Fake, But We Checked, It’s Real

Do you dread waking up in the morning, fighting the traffic, and then sitting in front of your computer for 8 hours looking at “TPS reports?”  Do you dream of something different but just can’t figure out what it is?  Well, some enterprising individuals came up with some great ways to make money doing some of the weirdest things you could ever imagine.  Sure, they may not be creating freshly minted millionaires, but for some, they beat zombification that comes from staring at a computer screen all day.

1) Professional Cuddler


No, you wouldn’t be a prostitute (in fact, customers aren’t allowed to touch anywhere your underwear covers).  And you would be providing a valuable service.  Many clients are older people whose partners have passed away.  They just need someone to snuggle with and are willing to pay up to £35 an hour.  Not too bad for just laying around.

2)  Dirt Salesman

Hands Holding Soil

There’s good money in that thar dirt!  Don’t believe me? This entrepreneur made over a million dollars selling dirt from Ireland to Irish-Americans looking for a piece of the homeland to sprinkle on the caskets of their departed relatives.  Yep, it’s official, Americans will buy anything.

3) Professional Pooper Scooper

Pooper Scooper

Sure, dogs make great companions but their poop is absolutely gross.  But there’s good money in it!  This Seattle area company charges $20 a visit.  If you could scoop three yards an hour, that’s $500 a day!

4) Game Tutor For Hire


Yep, you can make good money playing video games.   And you don’t have to post on Craigslist looking for working either.  If you have the skillz, there’s a whole website dedicated to helping you find a job.

5) Rent Out Your Torso

Rent Out Your Torso

Don’t think I’m serious?  This enterprising young man from Jacksonville, FL reportedly made over $66,000 peddling the upper half of his body by wearing companies’ shirts for a handsome profit!

6) Sell Your Virginity


While men may earn considerably less than women in this field (no surprise there), there is some good money to made.  One woman sold her virginity for over $780,000 in 2012.  Unless you’re a nun, you’re gonna lose it eventually.  Might as well profit?


What do you think?  Any of these ideas beat the life of cubicle dweller?