These Five Guys Took The Same Picture Over 30 Years…You Gotta See What They Look Like Now!

Five friends from Santa Barbara, California go on vacation every 5 years to the same place to take the same group photo and they have been doing it since 1982. They started as teenagers when they were just 19 years old. In 2012, at age 48, they have taken their 7th photo, 30 years after it began.

They visit the same lake. They stay in the same cabin. They sit on the same bench. They sit in the same order. They make the same pose. They even make the same facial expressions. And, starting five years ago, some of them began wearing the same clothes.

First Photo – 1982


Second Photo – 1987


Third Photo – 1992


Fourth Photo – 1997


Fifth Photo – 2002


Sixth Photo – 2007


Seventh Photo – 2012

According to one of the friends, “It took 30 seconds to take the original photo, now it takes a half hour to take the photo because it has to be perfect.”

However long it takes, we hope these friends keep this tradition alive for a long time.

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