This Man’s Love For A Duck Melted My Heart…But How He Raised It Blew My Mind!

We recently caught up with a young man with a heart of gold.  He goes by the handle of “Spongi” on the image sharing website Reddit, but his love for a baby duck (whom he affectionately calls “Peeps”) makes us think he should change his name to something more akin to “mother_hen.”

On his first attempt to hatch chicken eggs, the man was inadvertently shipped a duck egg.  While none of the chicks ever hatched, the hardy duck egg did, leaving him with a cute and fuzzy surprise. But the real story come from his rather unorthodox “mothering” technique…

While trying to hatch chicken eggs, the man was surprised when a tiny duckling appeared…



While the chicken eggs did not hatch, the one single solitary duck egg did…



Keeping the duck’s “house” next to his bed, he took it upon himself to spend quality time with the duck (so it would not get lonely)…



He was worried it would not feed or water it enough, but if you are in hearing range and that peep gets hungry or thirsty…YOU WILL KNOW!



Peeps doesn’t have a mother’s wing to go under, so his beard had to do.



A towel was necessary, Peeps poops a lot.  “A lot” is an understatement.



Did we mention poop?   Fortunately, it’s not like cat or dog poop.  I mean it’s gross…but then Peeps is just so cute!



He did get pecked, but it didn’t hurt.  Unless it’s an eyeball.  That hurts.



“Please don’t poop on my head!”



A Peep in hand is worth…?



And then Peeps got bigger…



And bigger still…



And at 41 days old, Peeps doesn’t fit in his beard anymore…


According to his owner, Peeps still likes to relax and hang out (watching TV and whatnot).

And just for the record, when you have a duckling that can nuzzle up in your beard, then the rules of “selfies” go out the window.