This Video Will Absolutely Destroy Your Idea Of Beauty And Perfection. Everyone Should Watch At Least Once!

This is an amazingly powerful video.  Disabled mannequins elicit astonished looks from passersby at a Zurich department store.  Between the perfect mannequins, there are figures with scoliosis, shortened limbs, and malformed spines.

The campaign was designed for the International Day of Persons with Disabilites by Pro Infirmas, an organization for the disabled.

Entitled “Because Who Is Perfect? Get Closer.,” this video will catch your heart, provoke reflection, and show you that everyone is unique and amazing in their own way.

Perfection in imperfection!  Grab the box of tissues and watch…

It really is about time that variety of form is recognized and celebrated.  The perfect Ken and Barbie image are fictional bores.