This Young Girl’s Life Was Rocked By Unimaginable Tragedy. But Then She Went On To Do This.

We recently came across the story of a young woman named Bethany, who on December 9th, 2005 was in a terrible car accident…one that killed her sister.  But the story did not end there.   Bethany’s amazing recovery and her accomplishments that followed brought tears to our eyes and joy to our heart.

Here’s her story…

Meet Bethany…she is very kind, loving, and genuine…



She loves horses…A LOT!



And yes, she is quite good with them…



But in December of 2005 she was in a terrible car accident. 


She was driving and lost control on a right hand turn. Her car crossed the median and was T-boned by a pickup truck. Sadly, her sister who was riding with her, passed away in this accident.


This is her pre-op scan…


The doctors were trying to keep her alive long enough to donate her organs. They decided to operate and spent almost 16 hours in surgery with four teams of specialists. The miracle here: she stabilized in surgery. Absolutely unheard of!


Like Humpty Dumpty, the doctors plated, screwed, barred, and stitched Bethany back together again…


As you can see, she has very little bone mass under her right eye. The doctors described that side of her face as “powdered.”


It was a rough few months in the hospital…but she is a FIGHTER!



Sooner than expected, she got to come home…all smiles.


After only 72 days in the hospital, she was ready to come home. As you can see, she had severe nerve damage. She couldn’t smell or taste, and her left pupil was blown and unresponsive. She had general left facial paralysis.


Here she is with her brother, just a few months after coming home…



Her recovery was so miraculous that she became a spokesperson for the hospital.


Speaking as an advocate for safe driving and proper hospital care, she spoke all over the state at high schools, conventions, hospitals, special events, and fundraisers.


She also received the opportunity to be in the “Ms. You Can Do It Again” pageant, winning best interview.



Bethany at one of her many fundraisers with Kristi Yamaguchi.


Her story and recovery was covered by many news organisations and her challenge of safe driving was adopted by driver’s education programs throughout the state of Nebraska.


Here she is with her brother and the nurses who helped keep her alive.


So much love, care, and support from this team!


She made huge steps in her recovery and even got back into riding!



She’s pretty crazy…and absolutely fantastic!


She is recovering very well. Life still has its struggles, but it continues to improve.


This was her high school grad photo…


As you can see, her eye is getting better and better. She has reduced facial paralysis, and she is doing well.


But her biggest accomplishment yet…last week she graduated from college!18-Bethany

Bethany’s recovery is nothing short of amazing and her family is very proud of her.  She’s been through so much, yet she continues to fight.  Every test, term paper, and assignment was more difficult for her due to her brain injury…and yet she persevered.

I’m sure I say this with everyone reading, YOU are an inspiration Bethany!