This Woman Was Secretly Filmed Dancing At The Bus Stop…Then The Video Goes Viral And This Happens. Awesome!

Oh, the beauty of the Internet. This is really what we’re all about here at Slightly Viral. A passerby secretly filmed Ellie Cole, a woman dancing at a bus stop, and the silent movie quickly became an online sensation. Cole, who worked as a secretary, was simply waiting for the bus on her way to work, headphones in, and enjoying the tune.

That’s when the power of the Internet went to work. Viewers determined that Cole was listening to the song “Knock Down” by Alisha Dixon and created a version with the music. That gave the video even more life and it took off like wildfire as she is seen tapping her shoes, wiggling her hips, wagging her fingers, and doing a downwards dance punch as people pass her.

Check it out here and then read the rest of the story…

The video ends after almost three minutes when a bus stops, obscuring the camera’s view, and Miss Cole gets on. But her three minutes of fame have led to Ellie Cole landing a role in a play at The Pointe Theatre in her home hometown of Eastleigh, England after the writer saw her video by chance.  The 35 year-old Cole had previously studied performing arts in college but dropped out because she couldn’t afford it.

“I’m just a normal everyday person who happens to like dancing at bus stops,” she told reporters, adding, “Still to this day I find it hard to believe what happened with the video. … It’s like ‘wow, why me?’”

See, this Internet thing CAN be used for good!